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Easy Money. And We Mean EASY.

TwentyDollarBillThanks for reading this online newsletter for teachers and parents! Because they are committed to supporting our vibrant online community of educators and parents,  The School Box sponsors a $20 gift card giveaway to two people who comment on our newsletter posts EACH WEEK. We just wanted to point out that we have $$$ to give away. Which you could easily earn. By simply commenting on the posts (even recent previous posts! Go back and look here and here and here...).

So, if you’d like help with the presents this holiday season, go post a comment! You could easily earn $20 to spend at The School Box. (If you are unfortunate enough to live where there is not a School Box store- gasp!- no worries. You can shop online and phone in your gift card order!)

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Do you have any good ideas? We’ll trade you $$ for them!

dollar billWhether you’re a teacher or a parent, you undoubtedly have a few tricks up your sleeve for working with children. Maybe it’s a favorite activity while riding in the car or a fun game you play to reinforce good behavior. It might be a holiday tradition or a tried-and-true lesson plan. Whatever it is, we’d love for you to share it on this online newsletter!

Simply e-mail a brief (250-500 words) description of your activity or idea to this e-mail address (click here). We’ll publish it on A Learning Experience, and you’ll earn a $35 School Box gift card straightaway! Now, wouldn’t that help buy a few presents this holiday season??

Can’t wait to hear your ideas, so go ahead and send them to us! Your gift card could be in your mailbox within the week….


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