Are you suffering from info overload? In today’s world of e-mail, Twitter, texts and Google, you can practically drown in the amount of information flooding cyberspace. So, how do you–  in the midst of your crazy, busy, too-much-to-do life–  sort through it all?

Enter: The School Box’s new online newsletter and blog. Our goal is to present relevant, pithy information on all things related to education. We want to be a source you can trust for innovative learning ideas, fresh classroom tips and parenting inspiration. In essence, we want to throw you a life preserver in the tide of cyberspace!

Even better, we want to give you a voice. You have good ideas, and we want to hear them. And then we want to publish them. And then we want to reward you for sharing. If you submit an article on parenting or education that ends up being published on one of our sites or in our print publications, we’ll give you a School Box giftcard: just a small pat on the back for your great thoughts. All you have to do is click “Write for us!” at the top of this page to learn more. (Please pass this along to anyone you know who may be interested, as well!)

Check back often! We’ll be adding fresh content weekly.

Elizabeth Cossick, M.Ed.
Managing Editor

To learn more about The School Box Corporation, please visit schoolbox.com.

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