Do you have any good ideas? We’ll trade you $$ for them!

dollar billWhether you’re a teacher or a parent, you undoubtedly have a few tricks up your sleeve for working with children. Maybe it’s a favorite activity while riding in the car or a fun game you play to reinforce good behavior. It might be a holiday tradition or a tried-and-true lesson plan. Whatever it is, we’d love for you to share it on this online newsletter!

Simply e-mail a brief (250-500 words) description of your activity or idea to this e-mail address (click here). We’ll publish it on A Learning Experience, and you’ll earn a $35 School Box gift card straightaway! Now, wouldn’t that help buy a few presents this holiday season??

Can’t wait to hear your ideas, so go ahead and send them to us! Your gift card could be in your mailbox within the week….



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2 responses to “Do you have any good ideas? We’ll trade you $$ for them!

  1. I think a newsletter is a great idea to keep teachers informed with ideas that work. I will forward your newsletter website to the rest of our elementary faculity. Thank you for your teaching tips.

  2. Dorothy Warrenmiller

    Think Aloud, Read Aloud.
    I do this a lot with 5th grade, especially as I taught Social Studies. Our curriculum covers the US from the Civil War to present day. Even picture books, or just reading pictures grab the students interest. My 5th graders love picture books because it gives them the ability to respond to history by seeing it as well as reading it. It also helps that I was born in 1950 & have lived through a lot of what we study, even relating stories my .uncles told me about WW II