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Earth Day History, Info & Activities for Your Child

Helping Save The EarthEarth Day is an annual world-wide celebration day to show support for environmental protection. Started back in 1970, April 22nd brings to the forefront the changes that our planet has endured and heightens awareness of ways in which we can help and make it better. Earth Day led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.

The theme for the 2013 Earth Day Celebration is The Face of Climate Change. We all feel the effects of climate change. Small variations in the weather,   droughts, poor crops affect not only humans but animals and their habitats as well.

  • In 2012 alone the National Weather Service recorded it to be the hottest year on record ever for the United States. Devastating droughts were reported across 2/3rds of the United States, as well as Brazil, Russia and parts of China.
  • Deforestation of Rainforests are driving not only animals out into other locations and reducing the clean oxygen levels in those areas but contributing to the global warming green house effect.
  • The Ice Caps are shrinking due to the global warming issues causing sea levels to rise in many places. As sea levels rise the threats of floods, landslides and less living space for animals such as Polar Bears in the Arctic.
  • Oceanic Dead Zones are increasing changing the migratory patterns of larger species like Whales  to areas where they can find plankton or small fish to feed on, thus changing the numbers of fish that come close to shore that fishermen can collect to feed their communities.

Each change or slight alteration causes a ripple effect throughout the world.

The Earth Day Network will be collecting and display images of people, places, and animals that are affected by climate change and the ways in which we can prevent and help to solve these changes.  A continued effort by the Billion Acts of Green movement rewards and inspires changes that are small such as  switching to LED light bulbs and washing laundry in cold water at your house to community planting efforts, installing solar panels, and recycling used electronics instead of trashing them. Any change no matter how small leads to changes worldwide that are huge!

Click here for instructions and a FREE activity to help your students understand the importance of the changes that they can make to keep the Earth as beautiful and as green as ever.

For more information on how you or your classroom can help the Climate Change movement:



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This Owl Hand Puppet Is A HOOT!

Looking for a quick, easy craft that’s a hoot to make? Then look no further! Make your very own Owl Hand Puppt with just a bag, some colored paper and a couple of other materials.

 What you need

• Brown Paper Bag
• Brown Construction Paper
• White Construction Paper
• Yellow Construction Paper
• Glue Stick
• 15mm Wiggle Eyes
• Black marker

How To Make It

  • Cut a 5.5″ square out of brown construction paper and then cut in half to make triangle (Owl’s face)
  • Trace child’s hands and cut out from brown construction paper (Owl’s wings)
  • Trace a round object approximately 2″ in diameter and cut out from white construction paper (Owl’s eyes)
  • Cut a triangle out of yellow construction paper (Owl’s beak)
  • Using the glue stick, attach the Owl’s head, then eyes, then nose.
  • Next attach the wiggle eyes and then finally the Owl’s wings.
  • Draw feather marks with a black sharpie or other marker.

That’s it! Now you can put on your own puppet show! (Sorry, you’ll have to provide the popcorn and drinks.)

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It’s Slime Time!

We know you’ve seen those Hollywood productions that have a ghost, ghoul or other alien creature dripping, drooling or slinging their green and gooey stuff all over the place. It’s disgusting, it’s messy, but for some reason, kids (and even some adults) love this kind of stuff. Well, now you can create your very own batch of green goo. The best part? It only takes four ingredients and under five minutes from start to finish!

What You Need

  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • 1/4 Cup Elmer’s Glue-All Glue
  • 1/4 Cup Liquid Starch
  • Food Coloring (green, red, or whatever color you wish)

How To Make It

  • Pour 1/4 cup of glue and 1/4 of water into a ziplock bag or bowl. Knead or stir to mix thoroughly.
  • Add six drops of food coloring to mixture. Knead or stir to mix thoroughly.
  • Pour in 1/4 cup of liquid starch. Mix thoroughly. Mixture should be fairly blobby at the start, but the more you play with it the  more stretchy it will become and easier to hold.

The Science Lesson

Voila! You’re done! But how does it work? The glue is a liquid polymer. This means that the tiny molecules in the glue are in strands like a chain. When you add the liquid starch, the strands of the polymer glue hold together, giving it its slimy feel. The starch acts as a cross-linker that links all the polymer strands together.

Make sure you keep the slime in a ziplock bag or sealed container when you’re not playing with it to preserve it for future fun time!

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