two comment winners!

We have TWO comment winners for this month–woohoo! Just for commenting on a post, Jennifer and Erin scored themselves a $20 gift card to The School Box. Now aren’t they smart?

Erin commented on  “Best Teacher Organization Ideas, Part II”:

This is so cute. I used to end up finding all of my Halloween stickers around Christmas and leftover Christmas stickers in February. This would definitely help! Another good way to use the shoe holders (for younger classrooms) is to hold that change of clothing on the bathroom door so that it is always nearby in case of an accident. Just label each pocket with the child’s name and roll up their clothes for a quick way to get those dry clothes. I have also mounted one of these shoe holders sideways, low on a wall, to make mailboxes for each child!

Jennifer commented on “Best Teacher Organization Ideas, Part II”:

I just ordered some organizers online and am hoping to get my professional books organized. I have been keeping one pack of stickers with the things I grade in my data notebook. Those stickers correspond to the holiday coming up so it helps me stay streamlined.

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