Best Teacher Organization Ideas, Part I

by Elizabeth Cossick, M. Ed. 

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Every teacher (and parent) knows that trying to manage a classroom (or home) without organizational systems in place is just plain foolishness. So, we’ve been compiling our favorite classroom/home organization ideas to share with you, and in the next three posts, we’ll share the very best.

Favorite Idea #1: Teacher Toolbox

This idea is simple but genius: use an organizational toolbox (as in that big ol’ thing with tons of drawers that your grandaddy used to have parked next to his workbench) to stash all of your small supplies. Star stickers, paper clips, post-it-notes, first-aid kit, desk supplies: you name it, it can find a place in your teacher toolbox. This box also makes it super easy for subs and para-pros to find your essentials!

Search “teacher toolbox” in Pinterest to see a slew of examples, but here are a few of the very best we found in teacher blogger world:

Toolbox One: Down the Learning Road

She details the fonts and papers used in her blog post here.

A similar toolbox can be found at for between $25-$35. Try this one or this one.

Toolbox Two: Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Here’s the post about how to make this one. And here’s a link to the toolbox on

Toolbox 3: Apples and ABC’s

LOVE the step-by-step pictures on how to assemble this one!

Here’s an in-process shot:

Happy organizing! Check back for the next post on another fabulous organizational idea in Part 2 of this series.



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3 responses to “Best Teacher Organization Ideas, Part I

  1. Sahara Jordan- Georgia

    Wow! What a great idea! Now I can really organize that drawer full of supplies on my desk “that I thought was organized ” lol. I’m going shopping for a toolbox… thanks for the wonderful idea Elizabeth! I can’t wait for the other posts. :)

  2. Jennifer Nuss

    I always forget every August how much work it takes to get organized. I moved and also moved classrooms and I still have so much to do!! Thank goodness I have Monday off this weekend.

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