50 Top Twitter Feeds for Readers

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It’s summer, which not only means time for the kids to read, but it also means time for you, the adult, to dig into a good book. Not sure where to start or which author to go for? Here’s a comprehensive list of top Twitter feeds to keep you in the know on all-things literary, according to Online College Resources. And you thought Twitter was just for teens!

Browse the list, pick a few, and get plugged into a rich online community of fellow bookophiles.

five types of reading-related twitter feeds

Top Twitter Feeds for Readers

top 50 twitter feeds, by type


If you can’t commit to a whole book, check out these author tweets for interesting summer reading.

  1. @neilhimself:Follow Neil Gaiman to learn about his latest work, pop culture, and other fun reads.

    Follow author Jenny Lawson @TheBloggess

  2. @TheBloggess:Newly minted bestselling author Jenny Lawson shares her daily musings and hilarity on Twitter as @TheBloggess.
  3. @jenniferweiner:The author of incredibly popular summer novels, Jennifer Weiner is a great resource for fun summer reading.
  4. @TheAuthorGuy:Christopher Moore brings a daily dose of crazy to Twitter as @TheAuthorGuy.
  5. @doctorow:Check out author Cory Doctorow’s Twitter for insight into books, activism, and interesting reads.

Book News

Stay on top of new releases and book news through these Twitter accounts.

  1. @CoverSpy:Want to know what New Yorkers are reading, right now? @CoverSpy hits the streets, subways, parks, and bars of NYC to tell followers what’s hot in reading.

    Follow @bookninja, the Twitter feed from this relevant top Canadian literary site.

  2. @thebookslut:Follow Jessa Crispin for book recommendations, fun reading resources, and book news.
  3. @bookninja:”The world’s deadliest books site” offers book news, insights, and musings into the summer book world and beyond.
  4. @LiteratureBooks:Follow @LiteratureBooks to learn about new literature and fiction book releases as they are published.

Publications & Publishers

These books columns, publishers, and book bloggers offer plenty of insight into great summer reads.

  1. @PublishersWkly:Check out @PublishersWkly to find reviews, information, and bookselling news, plus picks for new books.
  2. @ChronicleBooks:This independent publisher discusses distinctive books and new releases on Twitter.
  3. @AtYourLibrary:Find out about the excellent resources available at your local library this summer from @AtYourLibrary.
  4. @randomhouse:@randomhouse is on Twitter to chat about books and writing. They often share reading lists, excerpts, and other fun resources for readers.
  5. @RandomHouseCA:Random House’s Canadian branch tweets to help readers find their next great book through recommendations, contests, interviews, and more.
  6. @nytimesbooks:Check out @nytimesbooks for interviews, author profiles, book reviews, and more book news from The New York Times. Highlights include novelist quotes, prize announcements, and timely book happenings.
  7. @torbooks:A publisher of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction, Tor Books is full of resources for getting your hands on some strange summer reads.
  8. @GalleyCat:Follow the book publishing industry on Twitter through @Galleycat. This account offers news on new adaptations, and even summer reading flowcharts for you to find your next great read.
  9. @littlebrown:Little Brown and Co. offers fun summer reading suggestions, excerpts, and other fun reading resources.
  10. @vintagebooks:Check out @vintagebooks for news, giveaways, and recommendations for summer reading and beyond.
  11. @NYerFiction:@NYerFiction tweets about the latest in fiction, plus, the account will feature Jennifer Egan’s Twitter short storyBlack Box.
  12. @paperhaus:This LA Times staff writer covers books, paper, and pixels.
  13. @GuardianBooks:Follow @GuardianBooks to discover news, reviews, and even author interviews. Recent tweets include insight into reader reviews and obsessive book dedications.
  14. @latimesbooks:Follow @latimesbooks for news and reviews from the LA Times Jacket Copy blog.

Picks & Reviews

Need help finding a great book? These recommendation and review accounts are a great resource for readers.

  1. @flwbooks:@flwbooks recommends books so good, they’re flashlight worthy.
  2. @books:@books shares news and selected books from the Readers Read community.
  3. @BookBrowse:BookBrowse Books offers a guide to exceptional reading with reviews, back stories, and reading lists. Follow this account to find a daily recommended book.
  4. @SelectedShorts:In this series, you’ll get access to selected short readings of classic and contemporary fiction read by acclaimed actors.
  5. @KirkusReviews:Get the straight story on books from @KirkusReviews, the world’s toughest book critics since 1933.
  6. @FanLit:@FanLit believes that life’s too short to read bad books and shares the best of fantasy literature on this Twitter account.
  7. @bookpage:With hundreds of book reviews every month, @bookpage shares the real deal on just about every summer read out there.
  8. @dearauthor:Lovers of romance can find a wealth of romance novel reviews and news through @dearauthor.
  9. @booksin140:Erin Basler shares personal book reviews and insights on @booksin140, plus live-tweeting of important book events.
  10. @booksmugglers:Review mavens and self-proclaimed super dorks @booksmugglers can help guide you to your next great summer read.
  11. @BittenbyBooks:Check out @BittenbyBooks for paranormal fiction reviews, interviews, and even giveaways.
  12. @KindleSurprise:Find some of the most entertaining books on the Kindle through @KindleSurprise.
  13. @hipsterbookclub:Find out what books the hipsters are reading from @hipsterbookclub on Twitter.

Book Lovers & Community 

Follow these book-loving communities to connect with other readers, find recommendations, and even join a book club.

  1. @goodreads:Take part in the @goodreads community to find new books, book recommendations, and even join book clubs.
  2. @inreads:In this reading community, you’ll enjoy a love of books and a new reading experience.
  3. @LitChat:Check in with @LitChat for an always-on discussion of the love of books.
  4. @litblog:@litblog offers a discussion on books, sharing selected author tweets, excerpts, and more.
  5. @shelfari:Get connected to books, book lovers, and book recommendations through @shelfari.
  6. @bookclubgirl:Jennifer Hart shares her love of great books and book clubs on Twitter as @bookclubgirl.
  7. @ReaderIReadIt:Check out the @ReaderIReadIt community for reviews, challenges, trailers, and more.
  8. @1book140:Join in with @1book140 to take part in a Twitter book club picking up a new read each month.
  9. @FridayReads:Check out the @FridayReads team to learn about what other people are reading, and even find weekly book giveaways.
  10. @BookBitch:Follow along as @BookBitch reads, reviews, and gives away books.
  11. @FreshFiction:Find out what @FreshFiction has to say in the world of books for new titles, bestseller lists, contests, and thousands of author profiles.
  12. @bookpatrol:Join @bookpatrol to find a haven for book culture.
  13. @lovereadinguk:Book lovers in the UK will enjoy checking out this Twitter feed for the latest in new books and news updates from the publishing world.
  14. @bookgeeks:Follow along with The Bookgeeks to celebrate the love of books and find some great reviews.

Happy summer reading!

Source: Online College Resources



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3 responses to “50 Top Twitter Feeds for Readers

  1. I love twitter and have connected with other educators, authors, and ed leaders. Thank you for sharing this list! Can’t wait to follow!

  2. connie wiley

    Thank you for breaking down the “Twitter Feed”! I have enjoyed Twitter for the past 2 years and have realized that I am following a lot of feeds. I can use your information to weed out the feeds I don’t really need. I love talking to and hearing from other educators and authors. Connecting with other educators and authors helps me to realize that we are all in this profession for one reason….doing what is best for the students.

  3. Jennifer Nuss

    I am brand new to Twitter so I am excited to follow some of these. I would love to hear how people use Twitter effectively and how to connect with professionals.