Gift Card Winner…just in time for the holidays!

Who doesn’t want a $20 School Box gift right before the holidays?! Well, we have a lucky duck who just won one. How, you ask? Simply by commenting on one of the posts on A Learning Experience. We randomly (and regularly) draw winners from among the commenters.

Thanks to all who comment and share their great ideas and thoughts every week, and thanks to The School Box for sponsoring this online newsletter and giveaway!

This time, the lucky winner is:

 Susan Cooper

Comment on “Creating A Where Are You Board”:

Great idea. I am creating one today. With the younger kids, it is so much easier than signing out on a piece of paper, or in a notebook. I agree, we have so much going on, especially with larger class sizes, that we may lose track of some, and how long they have been gone, or even forget where they told us they are going.

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