gift card winners!!

We have two lucky-duck gift card winners! Just for leavin’ a little ol’ comment on A Learning Experience post, these lovelies have each won a $20 gift card to The School Box. Woohoo for classroom decor…AND holiday presents!!! (And, yes, we’re sure they’re going to respond just like the extremely excited lady in this picture. Ha!)


Winner 1: Patricia Roberts
Comment: (on “Live History: A Creative Project”)
What a Great Project!!!! I am definitely going to be doing this project this year. It is sad but true, kids today are all about the social networking and seeing what they can get in the “now” they are clueless about the past and how the past adventures, inventions etc have made what they have and want “now” possible. Thank you so much for sharing this AWESOME project!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!

Winner 2: Sahara Jordan- Georgia 
Comment: (on “The ‘Write’ Way in Middle School”)
I am a first year 5th grade Reading teacher and I can definitely relate to this article with the experiences I have had with my upper elementary students. From the very first day of school, I realized it is very hard to get my students to write without complaining (or expressing very loudly either they don’t know how to do it or they plain out dont understand what to do).

I believe creative writing is an excellent way to get my 5th graders more interested in writing. For instance, journal writing was an activity my reading teacher used when I was in school and I still enjoy writing today. I definitely plan to incorporate these activities into my daily routine especially the activity about becoming a tv star. I am constantly telling my students that as a writer you can be whoever you want to be and I believe through this activity they will understand that better. Thank you Sheryl for writing this article to help my creative flow as well. I am truly ready to finally get my students at least a little bit excited about writing.


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