School Box Gift Card Winner!

Let’s announce a winner of a $20 School Box gift card, shall we? Now, in order to win, all you have to do is comment on the posts here on A Learning Experience– which is a no-brainer since the posts are all pretty darn helpful, we love to hear your comments, AND who couldn’t use $20 to The School Box? No. Brainer.

Then, we randomly select winners from our recent commenters. Here is our current winner, below. Congratulations, Paula!

Winner: Paula Whitfield

I enjoyed this article very much. It is so true. After working with middle schoolers, I realize how texting/spelling is a problem. I will use some of these ideas in my room this year. I especially liked the one about publishing on a blog.

Original Post: “Growing Strong Spellers in a TXTNG World”

If you want to win, too, just start commenting on some articles. Easy peasy!


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  1. NIKKI

    Congrats, Paula! Im jealous. Maybe next time…our daughters teacher would love the card, im sure. Let us know what you get! :)