Interactive Bulletin Boards, Part III: Sally’s Seashells

by Elizabeth Cossick, M. Ed.

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Welcome to Part III in our series on Interactive Bulletin Boards!

This great idea from was designed for a second grade classroom, to allow an interactive area to practice problem solving. It could easily be adapted to other grade levels and concepts, too. And– in addition to shells, you could use pretty much any objects, including items that tie into current science or social studies concepts (rocks, planets, fish, stars, etc.).




Sand paper

Paper for the shells and letters

Bucket to hold the shells

Blue felt

Activity Sheet (click to download)


To practice addition and subtraction problem solving

How To:

Students read the problems on the provided activity sheet, and then they manipulate the seashells on the bulletin board to depict the problem before they solve it.

The great thing about this board is that it combines reading, counting, addition and subtraction skills. Gotta love a multi-tasker!

And, if you think bulletin boards are only for elementary school, check out these super impressive interactive boards, geared toward middle and high school math concepts: Now those are some advanced ideas!



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2 responses to “Interactive Bulletin Boards, Part III: Sally’s Seashells

  1. NIKKI

    Another great idea that can be used in a variety of learning areas. Again, I wish I taught a class so I could do this! Ty for sharing.

  2. Jennifer Nuss

    Do you have any ideas for an interactive writing bulletin board? I am trying to think of some things and can’t come up any with any ideas other than writing prompts.