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We have two lucky comment winners for this past month! Both of these randomly-selected ladies just won $20 gift certificates to The School Box, as a thanks for sharing their insights and ideas. If you wanna win, too, just keep commenting on the posts on A Learning Experience! We’ll draw more winners in a jif.

Winner #1

Amanda Smith

Wow thanks for the great ideas. I am a homeschooling mom, and my daughter frequently has trouble with these concepts. This would help her a great deal. The word wall is a really good idea. She is always asking how to spell words she should know how to spell. Thank you for all the neat ideas.

Winner #2

Mary Roberts

I keep sticky notes in the supply tubs on each table. They fit well in the tubs and are just the right size to fit a word or two. My kindergartners love using them to go up to the word wall and write down words they need. Also, when students remember to use “four star writing,” they get to put a little star sticker on their papers!


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