A “Snowy” Idea for Indoor Recess!

by Kelli Lewis

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This is a great activity for the month of January. Wintry weather may keep your students indoors during recess, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be canceled, too!

Chances are, your students are all wishing for snow. Well, how would you like to make your students’ wishes come true, right there inside your own classroom?! Get ready… set… throw! It’s time for an inside snowball fight for your classroom! All you need are lots and lots and lots of cotton balls (and a camera…this activity is definitely a Kodak moment!).

Here’s how to Let It Snow!

  • Have students all gather to the rug, or wherever you see that will be a good place to move around and get some wiggles out. You could even move the desks for this if you think that is a better option. Remember, do not let your students know what is about to happen! They should have NO IDEA!
  • Stand out of sight, with your cotton balls, and don’t let them see you.
  • Stand up and start throwing lots and lots of cotton balls at them.
  • Allow them to pick up the cotton balls and throw them at each other.
  • Whenever you choose, allow your students to then make snow angels in the balls that are left on the floor. They may not actually look like snow angels, but it is always something they really enjoy!! ☺
  • Then, when they get back to their desks, you could have the students write a story about the day it snowed in their classroom, imagining what it would be like if it actually did begin to snow inside! What would they do? What adventures might occur? What conflicts might arise? How would they resolve them?

Kelli Lewis is a graduate student at The University of Georgia–and one of the great teacher-contributors who submits ideas to A Learning Experience.

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3 responses to “A “Snowy” Idea for Indoor Recess!

  1. Susan

    What a great ides. We have been kept inside since Monday with snow.I will use the idea often as it is a great idea for those days when we are stuck inside because of the weather. Thanks for all the great ideas you share. Susan

  2. peggy

    Lord, I love this! What a hoot. The kids are going to be crazy with all the snow we have gotten in GA. We might as well keep it going in the classroom and write about it. THis is hilarious. There is also a kit you can buy that lets you make snow. The kids love this. Our media specialist does this with them each winter. But, now all my students should have felt real snow this week. THanks for a fun idea!!! I love the writing idea!

  3. Keita

    Cute! I would have students compare/contrast the school snow day with the real snow day.