100th Day of School Activity!

by Kelli Lewis

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The 100th day of school is always a fun time to celebrate…and a great time to incorporate math concepts. Although this particular idea has been done with first graders, the activity can be adapted for other grade levels, as well.

  1. First, you’ll need 100 of 10 different small foods–like raisins, marshmallows, M&Ms, pretzel sticks, Life cereal, goldfish crackers, cheese crackers, Chex cereal, dried cranberries, Cheerios, chocolate chips, etc. (Just be mindful of any food allergies in your class as you select your items.)
  2. Divide the students into groups of about four. You can change this number of group members to accommodate your classroom; group size doesn’t make a difference for this activity.
  3. Now, have each child wash their hands.
  4. Next, place each of the food items in cups on each of the students’ table groups. They should have a cup of each item on their table. Just make sure that the cups have enough items for each student to count out 10 of each item. For example, for a group of four students, you would need a cup of 40 M&M’s for their table. No eating, yet, though… that will come later!
  5. Each student will then receive an empty egg carton (use only 10 holes; cut two off and discard).
  6. Students will then put 10 of each of the items (from the cups) into each of the egg carton holes. So, each student’s egg carton should contain 10 of each of the items in each of the ten holes. (hole 1= 10 raisins, hole 2= 10 marshmallows, hole 3= 10 pretzels, etc.)
  7. You could use this opportunity to teach 10×10=100, 10 groups of ten make 100, fractions (5/10 = 1/2, 2/10 = 1/5, etc.), or any other math concept that is appropriate for your class.
  8. When this is complete, everyone will bring their egg carton to a big bucket and dump it in. This will create a big mixture of all of the snack food items, making a yummy trail mix!
  9. Allow students to eat a small portion of the created mixture for their snack, then bag the rest in take-home baggies for students to take home for their families…so they can continue celebrating their 100th day at home!

Kelli Lewis is a graduate student at The University of Georgia and a wonderful contributor to A Learning Experience!



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3 responses to “100th Day of School Activity!

  1. Kay Wallin

    I did a lesson with M&Ms when we studied mean, median, mode, and range with 5th graders. I divided the students into groups of 4-5. The candies were in closed plastic bags and were not to be opened until the lesson was completed. I had each group count their M&Ms by color and then determine mean, median, mode, and range. We made a bar graph for the entire class based on each group’s findings. Of course, at the end of the lesson, the students were allowed to open their bags and equally split the M&Ms between them for a snack. We did have a student with a milk allergy, so his group used Skittles instead.

  2. peggy

    Awesome! I make a hundred day snack and we count by 5, 10, etc. But I love the egg carton aspect and we just finished fractions. How great will that be! Another great activity is to have your students draw themselves today and then again at 100 and mount them on a piece of paper together. We write about what we like to do at age 7 and what we think we will do at age 100. They are hilarious! Parents enjoy the rocking chair, cane, white hair, etc pictures.

  3. ecossick

    Love these ideas!! Peggy, those 7-and-100 pictures sound priceless, oh my goodness. The random comment winner for last week was Kay Whalin. Kay- congrats! Thanks for all the GREAT comments and ideas, everyone! Some of you need to submit some of your great ideas to editor@schoolbox.com as an article to get it published on here….$35 gift card and all the glory of being “published.” hee :)