A Snowy Idea!

by Kelli Lewis

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Need some new wintery craft ideas to bring to your classroom? Why not bring the cold and snowy weather to life, inside your very own classroom? Here’s a fun, cute, and much warmer way to enjoy the cold wintery months by using one thing we all have laying around the house… mismatched socks! I have seen this project done in a second grade classroom, and they absolutely loved it! However, this can be adapted for any desired grade level. Allow your students to use their creativity and create a new friend this winter. Their little sock buddy may even inspire some creative writing about its snowy adventures.

What you’ll need:

– white men’s tube sock (one per student)

– rice

– yarn

– scissors

– hot glue gun (or other types of craft glue, depending on your students’ ages)

– decorative felt or fabric (consider holiday prints, if possible)

– other optional craft supplies (pom-poms, googly eyes, buttons, ribbons, pipe cleaners, sticks, etc.)

What the students should do:

1. Decide if you want the outside or the inside of the sock for your snowman’s body. (The inside often creates a textured look.)

2. Fill the sock with rice, about 2/3 of the way, so that he has a flat bottom and can stay put on the desk, floor, etc.

3. Tie some yarn around the sock, 1 inch above the top of the rice. This should hold the rice inside the sock and keep it from spilling, as well as leave enough room for the rice to move around when creating the snowman body sections.

4. Divide the snowman into the large ball for the body and a small ball for the head, and then tie some yarn where you divided the parts in order to create the snowman body sections.

5. There should be an extra part of the sock, formed from the ribbed part of the sock at the very top, that can be rolled down to give the snowman a fetching little hat.

6. Decorate and customize your snow friend! Use your craft materials, such as the pom-poms, buttons, googly eyes, sticks, ribbons, etc.

  • You may choose to use the felt or fabric to create a scarf to wrap around your creation at the section that divides the head from the body.
  • You may also choose to use felt or fabric to add a more defined look to the hat, as well as other craft materials to decorate the hat.
  • Make the face! You may make eyes by using the googly eyes here, or even try pom-poms, buttons, etc. Consider some type of leftover candy corns from Halloween for the nose, or any type of carrot-like item. This could also be created with felt if needed.
  • Add buttons on the body if desired.

Then enjoy your new buddy! Creative writing (“The Day My Snow Buddy Came to Life”) may be in order… :-)

Kelli Lewis is a graduate student at The University of Georgia and a regular contributor to A Learning Experience.



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5 responses to “A Snowy Idea!

  1. peggy

    Thanks Kelli! We just did this for our winter party in December. I always do a snowman themed party. The kids love these. Each year I make it better by buying pretty fabric for scarves or colored pompoms for the top of the hat and jewels for the buttons-nose-eyes! I have also made the socks into a rabbit for Easter. You do it the same way, but cut the top of the sock to make ears. It is really cute.

  2. Susan

    WE made these as gifts for the parents and they loved them. This is a keeper a lot of the perents made them with their child for gifts for relatives. Thanks for the great ideas. Susan

  3. connie wiley

    We have made these cute snowmen before. They are easy to make. I use these for a writing lesson. I show the video The Snowman or share the pictures from the book. My students then write their own adventure stories…what will their snowmen do? My students get so excited about writing. Their snowman sits on their desk while they are writing. My students can’t wait to share their stories with each other.

  4. Priscilla

    Wow! This is such a cute project! I have never seen this before but I know that my students will love making their very own snowman friend! I teach students with special needs and am always on the lookout for activities that are fun as well as connected to my students’ IEP goals. This is a perfect craft that involves listening/following directions, counting, fine motor skills, and even inspires creativity! My students will be able to use their snowmen to make simple graphs, to solve math problems,and of course as subjects in their writing. Thank you Kelli for another wonderful idea!

  5. ecossick

    Loved the comments! I thought this idea was adorable, too. Priscilla is our random comment winner for this week- congrats, Priscilla: you just won a $20 School Box gift card!