Solutions for the Changing Seasons

by Rachel Stepp

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As fall progresses and the weather gets cooler, it is time to adapt to the changes that the environment goes through. There are a few things that you can do to help yourself and your students transition smoothly. Consider these suggestions to create a classroom where students are aware of their environment:

  1. Talk About It. First, have a discussion with your students about the seasons and the local weather. Discuss weather patterns and how it feels outside. Talk about different holidays that happen during fall and winter and how your students feel during those holidays. Ask your students to recall how they dress during the holidays. This will help raise your students’ awareness about the weather outside.
  2. Make Room. You might need to adapt your classroom to the weather changes, as well. Make sure lockers, cubbies and book bag hooks are cleaned out to make room for large, fluffy coats.
  3. Play Away! If outdoor recess is a regular part of your day, you may want to come up with a stash of indoor activities to have on-hand for those just-too-cold days. Board games, art projects or team-building activities are fun alternatives. For some great ideas, check out, a site brimming with indoor activities. Who knows…some students may even enjoy indoor recess more than the regular outdoor recess!
  4. Give Back. Encourage your students to participate in some type of service project for their community during this time. You can organize a canned food drive, coat/blanket drive, or a Thanksgiving food drive. Students and their families will enjoy helping their peers and other people from the community have a good holiday season. Talk to your school’s counselor about families that might need donations or how to organize this type of service project.

By using some or all of these ideas, you can help your students prepare for the weather changes. The transition between fall and winter is a beautiful time of year to be celebrated…and enjoyed!

Rachel Stepp is a graduate student at The University of Georgia who is full of good ideas to share on A Learning Experience!


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One response to “Solutions for the Changing Seasons

  1. Peggy Hernandez

    Good ideas Rachel! Another thing I do to help the children visualize the different seasons is we adopt a tree outside our school. I take a picture of each student in front of the tree in August, November, January, April. We draw the tree and put both pictures and some anecdotal records we have written down into our tree journal. It is a great memory of how our tree has grown and changed, but it also shows the parents how their children have grown and changed throughout the year.
    I love the fun indoor games website. This is a great resource. Thanks!