We have a $50 winner! (and a bunch of $10 winners, too!)

Wow! What great ideas you all shared in our recent contest! We asked teachers to submit their favorite teaching practices and ideas. Every idea submitted was stellar! If you haven’t read them, you can check them out by clicking here (scroll down to view comments). I promise- they’re worth the read.

The grand prize winner, who won a $50 School Box gift card, is Leigh Ann, a music teacher who incorporates regular classroom curriculum themes into her music lessons. Here’s what she has to say:

As an elementary music teacher I like to find ways to correlate what I am doing in the classroom to what the students are studying in their regular classroom whenever I can – it enhances and supports their learning in all subject areas. So 3 times a year I email all the teachers reminding them to let me know if there are any lessons or units they will be studying that they would like for me to tie in somehow. I send out the reminder at the beginning of the school year, right after the Christmas holiday, and about 6 weeks prior to standardized testing time.

We can’t correlate everything and music (like all arts) stands alone as its own subject area; however, I find that the students enjoy making the relationship of a lesson from one classroom to another. So we learn songs from the Underground Railroad (which covers multiple Music or Social Studies standards in my state) or do Musical Mad Libs I make up to review the parts of speech prior to standardized test time, or learn songs about farm animals in Kindergarten which can easily be tied in to Music standards.

As for how it benefits the music or special area teacher, I sneak in both Music goals and Language, Math, Social Studies, Science or whatever the subject area whenever I can as it is a bit of the “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” practice. Regular classroom teachers seem much more willing to help give up a little extra time to practice for a holiday program or whatever special programs you are responsible for if you help support them when you can.

Congratulations, Leigh Ann! We applaud you for being a stand-out teacher…and a team player to boot.

Now, since all of the ideas submitted were truly stellar, The School Box is awarding everyone who commented with a $10 School Box gift card:
Jackie Helm
Amanda Smith
Janette Janssen

Congratulations, ladies! And thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our online community. A representative from The School Box will be in touch shortly with details on mailing your gift certificates to you.

Happy Summer!


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