100 Days Celebration Ideas!

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You have completed 100 days of school! Your students are well on their way (if not already there) to being able to count to 100 with no help at all.  Now, how do you make a day out of it?

Here are a few (not quite 100 :-) ideas for pre-K and Kindergarten teachers to celebrate this grand accomplishment:

  1. Make hats with a giant 100 on them for everyone to wear all day.
  2. Invite a 100-year-old person to your celebration as the guest of honor.
  3. If you don’t know any centurions, have a staff member dress up as an elderly person during your fete and share some researched facts about our country 100 years ago.
  4. Send home a zip-top bag and instruct the parents to help their children count out and collect 100 small items from around the house to fill the bag. Examples: uncooked rice, beans or pasta; coins; Q-tips; spare buttons; paper clips, etc. Display the returned baggies in the hallway or on a bulletin board for all to see!
  5. Send home a note, asking the parents to help the child bring in a photograph and/or name and age of their oldest living relative. Cheer for the child with the relative closest to 100!
  6. To follow up all of the 100 Days hoopla, invite all of the children to dress as dalmatians tomorrow…to celebrate day 101!

Adapted from ideas submitted by Sandra Jacoby, a pre-kindergarten teacher in Texas.

Comment on this post to receive a $20 School Box Gift Card!



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2 responses to “100 Days Celebration Ideas!

  1. Susan Campbell

    This is great. I just wish you had 100 ideas. I will use most of them. Susan

  2. Sandra

    haha sorry! This was the best I had…. Its my first year teaching!!! :)