Study Tips for Students (Print This!)

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Those seeking some help in their study skills will find it in these invaluable tips.

Unplug. The Internet, video games and television are huge distractions. Unplug them if only for a few hours so you can actually get something done.

Find something to motivate you. Sometimes even something as basic as being hungry can help motivate you to get work done. Tell yourself you can’t do whatever it is you want to do until you’ve finished enough work.

Bargain. Sometimes it can help to bargain with yourself. Allow yourself one hour of fun for every two hours of work you do.

Set hours. Help yourself get into a studying routine by setting aside hours of your day to focus solely on your studies.

Have a set study place. Find a place in your home where it’s quiet and you can set your mind to working without interruptions.

Reduce outside distractions. From the phone ringing to family members peeping in, try to reduce the amount of things that can distract you and get you off track.

Get the hard stuff done first. If you have a particular assignment you’re dreading, tackle that first. The rest of your work will feel like a breeze after that weight has been lifted.

Take a stretching break. Get up and walk around every once in a while. It will help you feel refreshed and let you refocus.

Never study all night. Studying all night will let you go over more material but it won’t help you remember it. Studies have shown that studying and then sleeping on it is a far more effective method.

Start early. When you’ve got a major test coming up don’t wait until the night before to start studying. Give yourself a few days to tackle the information. You’ll be less stressed and remember it better.

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One response to “Study Tips for Students (Print This!)

  1. Sandra

    These are awesome tips! I just graduated from college a year ago and have a few studying tips that I would love to add!

    Although true to unplug all of the things that distract you, I always founded it harder to study if the only thing I heard was the clock ticking on the wall. So, I always turned on iTunes or Pandora. The radio is okay too but the commercials and talk about upcoming concerts always took me away from my project. Something with more music flow. And yes, it is okay to sing, I would do it with out even noticing and I am a graduate!

    Setting hours is a great idea but you should do it as part of your every day, not just when you have something to study for or a project to work on. Allow time everyday. If you have no homework that day, do something for the next day or start an assignment that will be due later so you don’t have to cram then. After all, you never know what might come up next week.

    Studying all night is never a good idea and taking something to keep you up is an even worse idea. Find a place where you can be alone and don’t study with close friends. This will almost always lead to social chit chat and result in time wasted. Instead, meet with classmates you know but not from the same social circle as you so that you not have a lot to talk about but class and studying.