Graphic Organizers: Stick Man to the Rescue!

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Graphic organizers allow students to display and organize their thinking concretely–whether they’re reading a novel or their history book. This three-part series will share a new (downloadable!) graphic organizer with each post.

The Stick Man

This handy little tool is essentially a stick man that represents a book character, historical figure, personal idol–anyone whom your class is studying.  The students label the stick figure with thoughts, actions and feelings.

For younger grades, this can be very concrete: Christopher Columbus thought the world was round. He sailed his ship to the New World. He felt excited to find new land.

For older grades, this exercise can involve more inferences and critical thinking: Martin Luther King, Jr. thought equality was a right, regardless of skin color. He united people in peaceful protests of an unfair system. He dreamed that one day our country would no longer be divided by race.

When to use it:

  • As a study guide before a history test, to conceptualize and remember historical figures.
  • As an organizational tool before writing biographies or book reports.
  • As an assessment tool to see how well students understood a main character in a book.
  • As a classroom community-building tool: Pair up your students, and have them complete a stick man about their partners.
  • At the beginning of the year: Have students complete one about themselves!

How to use it:

  • Download the graphic organizer here. Once students get used to using the organizer, they can draw their own versions on paper.
  • Model how to complete the diagram thoughtfully. Complete the first one together as a class, so students can see that you want thoughtful responses.
  • If students need more practice with the diagram, have them complete one on themselves, next.
  • Then, have students complete the diagram independently on whatever figure or character you’re studying.
  • Students get a kick out of coloring their stick men, too. They can even add hair, clothes, etc.

To download the stick man, click here. To download a teacher key, click here.

Coming next in this series: Story Boards

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5 responses to “Graphic Organizers: Stick Man to the Rescue!

  1. This is adorable AND useful. Thanks so much for sharing the stick man and great suggestions, as well!

  2. susan

    This sounds like a good idea to help get a student’s attention.

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  5. Sherieka Toliver

    I think this is a great idea in helping students learn facts about historical figures and will be a great asset to any classroom.